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Appels à communication de la RSA, session 2010

mercredi 11 février 2009, par Antoine Roullet

La RSA commence à mettre en ligne les appels à communication pour sa conférence annuelle de 2010, qui se tiendra à Venise.

Les appels sont très nombreux et sont régulièrement mis à jour ici.

Pour l’instant, les thèmes retenus sont les suivants :

- Word, Image and Real Presence in Early-Modern English Homiletics

- The Inventory of Literary Language and Devices in Science Evelien Chayes

- Artists and their books

- Neapolitan Renaissance. A laboratory of modern civilization.

- La vertu dans la littérature française de la Renaissance.

- Agents, Brokers, and Intermediaries:the circulation of art works in the early modern period (1500-1650)

- Printing and Urban Culture

- Venetian Society and Generic Miscegenation in "Othello"

- All About Venus

- Paolo Veronese (1528-1588)

- Factional Politics, Factional Cultures

- Angelo Poliziano

- Travel in the Renaissance

- Utopia and Other Imaginary Places

- Collecting Illustrated Books : Connoisseurship and the Evolution of Illustration Techniques

- Translation and the Book Trade in Early-Modern Europe

- Images, ideas and rythms. From word to image

- Università di Bologna (Italy)

- Confraternities and Representation

- Maternity and Romance Narrative in the Renaissance

- Memoria and self-fashioning : the Venetian Doges and their tombs

- Dramas of Life in the Renaissance

- Continuity and Change : The Printing Press and Early Modern Visual Culture

- Milton and Italy

- Erasmus among the Italians

- Intellectual Activities of Jews as Newcomers in Renaissance Venice

- Giovanni Bellini : new information, observation, interpretation, and assessment

- Religion and Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice

- Shakespeare and the elements

- Market, Audience, and Cultural Production in the Early Modern Hispanic World

- Orality, Language and Communication in the Early Modern World

- Politics and Religion : Jesuit and Princely Cooperation in Counter- Reformation Strategies

- Artistic Exchanges between the Netherlands and Italy

- ’Becoming Lucrezia’. Literary and philosophical education in the life and works of Lucrezia Marinella.

- Fruitful migling of religious mystic, alchemy and philosophy ; for example ’La Primavera’

- The Sidney Legacy

- The Sidneys and Italy

- Early Modern Women’s Manuscripts

- Wishes, Lies and Dreams

- “At the Dawn of the 21st Century : A View-Thought ‘The Red Window’”

- The Marciana Library in its Historical and Cultural Contexts

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