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Centre / Périphérie ? Le provincialisme dans l’art italien.

Expire le 24 mai 2008.

vendredi 9 mai 2008, par Antoine Roullet

La RSA diffuse un appel à communication consacré à la question du provincialisme dans l’art italien de la Renaissance, pour un colloque qui se tiendra à Los Angeles, les 19 et 21 mars 2009.

The distinction center/periphery is commonly known to historians of Italian Renaissance art through the "classic" definition presented by Enrico Castelnuovo and Carlo Ginzburg in 1979. More recently, Charles Cohen has proposed the notion of provincialism to account for the pictorial oeuvre of il Pordenone (1996). Despite the potential of these notions to expand and to articulate more fully our conception of early modern visual culture, few scholars have focused their research on the relationship between the production of art works and style in leading centers, such as Florence and Venice, and in their cultural "provinces."
This panel hopes to address the status quaestionis while seeking novel approaches to this subject. Proposals from all traditions and all media are welcome. Papers might address little known art works and artists or revisit famous masterpieces and masters from this perspective. Ideally, papers would abstract from particular aspects of the works on which they focus and address pertinent theoretical, methodological, or historiographic issues.

Les résumés de 150 mots doivent être envoyés à Renzo Baldasso (Smithsonian Institution) avant midi le 24 mai (

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