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The Golden Age and Renaissance Seminar : Religious Culture in Early Modern Spain

16 février 2008, University College, Londres

mercredi 6 février 2008, par Antoine Roullet

Session 1 : 11h30 - 13h

Amy Fuller (Manchester), Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz’s El mártir del sacramento, San Hermenegildo

Tyler Fisher (Oxford), The Text as Honeycomb : Golden-Age Interactions between Poetics and Incarnational Theology

Michael Rolfe (UCL), Lope’s Buddha : Barlaam y Josefat

Session 2 : 14h – 16h

David McGrath (King’s and Manchester), Self-Flagellation and Mortification from Santa Rosa de Perú to Luisa de Carvajal y Mendoza

Anne Holloway (Queens University Belfast), The Potency of Pastoral in Early Modern Religious Lyric

Janet Ravenscroft (Birkbeck), The virgin and the widow : picturing divinity and difference at the court of Philip II

Session 3 : 16h30 – 18h 30.

Terence O’Reilly (Cork) Contemplation and spiritual friendship in the “Carta para Arias Montano”

Richard Tilbury “God is Spanish and fights for our nation” : El Sotillo (The Battle of Jérez, Zurbarán, 1638) – an expression of religious militancy during national decline

Andrew Herskovits (UCL) The Judaization of Christianity in Felipe Godinez’s Ester plays

Peter Tyler (Saint Mary’s University College) Unsaying and Unknowing in Teresa of Avila and Ludwig Wittgenstein

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